Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Less Sugary Drinks During Childhood May Cut Disease Risk

I"m getting sick of people jumping on the "obseity epidemic" bandwagon. The statistic that roughly 50 or 60 % of North Americans are obese is absurd. The BMI scale adopted by WHO were set up by pharmaceutical companies masquerading as an awarness group, much in the same manner as was done for anxiety a few years ago. There are relatively few cases where solid evidence exists to show that obesity causes illness. Osteoarthritis and uterine cancer are two exceptions. In most cases is appears that obesity is co-symptomatic with other illnesses such a Type 2 diabetes. This means that the cause of obesity and the cause of the illness are the same, rather than obesity being the source of the illness.

Think of it this way. Statistically, there is a link between ice cream consumption and drowning. However, this does not mean that eating ice cream casuses drowning. Rather, in the summer people eat more ice cream and spend more time doing aquatic activities (which leads to more drownings).

All this to say: watch what you and your kids eat.

Symptoms of heart disease and diabetes usually seen in adults are
increasingly being found in adolescents according to a longitudinal
study, which suggests that reducing the intake of sugar-sweetened
beverages during childhood may lessen the risk of chronic disease in
later life.

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