Wednesday, March 28, 2007

35 Years of Birth Control

Most of you reading this have kids, or are thinking about having them. The important thing in this (for most of you) was the deciding part. You may be married, or not. The right to birth control to married and non-married people is barely 40 years old. One of the most important cases in the struggle for reproductive rights was decided by the US supreme court this week in 1972.
The case began when Baird responded to a petition
signed by nearly 700 Boston University students asking
him to challenge the 1879 Massachusetts law that denied
unmarried individuals access to birth control. On April 6,
1967, he lectured at Boston University to more than 2,500
people and, in a prearranged move, handed a nineteenyear-
old unmarried woman a free condom and a package of
contraceptive foam. The police thereupon made the necessary
arrest and his case was launched.
From The Humanist (via NewsTrust)

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