Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sometimes ads are good: Dove Self-esteem Fund

While some may be skeptical of Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty (Canadian version here), the viral ads used in the campaign pack an emotional punch. The best known video is "Evolution" which recently won the Cannes Lions 2007 Grand Prix for film, which is the advertising industry's highest award.

Show this to your daughters. Again and again. And again.

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Victoria said...

Hi Philosopher Dad--

I read this post & thought you might be interested in finding out more about the latest part of the Dove Real Beauty campaign. It would be great to have your genuine support for this positive, self-esteem message.

My name is Victoria, and I've been asked by Dove to help raise awareness for their self-esteem programs and to help find passionate and genuine real beauty advocates to be part of this online community of supporters.

If you’re interested, I would love to give you an ‘inside look’ at the Self Esteem Fund and Dove’s new initiative for girls, an online reality series designed to give teens a reality check on factors that can impact their self-esteem. If there are any young girls or teens in your life, please feel free to share the Dove "Reality Diaries" with them. You can check out the series here:

To learn more about how to get more involved in supporting this message, as well as the Dove Self Esteem Fund, visit

Please let me know if you’re interested or would like to get involved in spreading this message. We would love to have your voice be included.

Thanks for your time,