Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI): The saga continue - Bloody Diaper/Soya Oil Edition

I've been meaning to talk about soybean oil, and now I have the perfect, if scary, excuse. Most moms who go on an elimination diet can are told that they can safely consume foods with soybean oil. This is because the irritation that comes from MSPI is due to protein, and refined food oils should not contain any protein. Similarly, most people who are allergic to nuts can eat nut oils, even though they are told not to (this is because anaphylactic attact is super scary).

PhilosopherMom has been doing the elimination diet for about 3 and a half weeks now, but still eating products made with soybean oil and soya lecithin (an emulsifier - also should be protein free). Zen Girl has been doing well, although the last few days have been less good and she's got a rash on her face. So we saw the pediatrician yesterday.

The pediatrician told us that the rash was likely due to the weather. Mom's bare skin sweats on the baby's bare skin in the heat and causes acne and rashes. No biggie. The doc also said, that if the baby seemed content, not to worry about the continued green stool.

We then proceed to weighing. The weight gain slowed dramatically, but we try and take a long-term view of these things. Right as I'm putting the diaper back on... the baby poops. The stool is bright green and so full of mucous that it looks like I blew my nose in the diaper. A closer inspection reveals blood. Now the doc is concerned. PhilosopherMom and I are freaking out.
Fortunately we are going to see an allergist today. The pediatrician suggests that mom eliminate all soy products from her diet, and see what happens.

In addition to all the other soy ingredients that are to be avoided, we now add soyabean oil (soy oil, soybean oil) and soy lecithin.

I'll let you know what the allergist says.
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smileymacy@hotmail.com said...

Did it get resolved?? Did getting off the soybean oil and soy lecithin work. I too am on an elimination diet and trying to figure this one out.

Grace said...

my son also has bloody stools and i googled lecithin and bloody stool and found your blog. did cutting lecithin work?

MT said...

I suspect the tolerability of soy ingredients sometimes comes down to purity. I've seen health pages that O.K. soy oil while specifically excluding "cold pressed" and "extruded" soy oils. It seems like there are mechanical as well chemical extraction/isolation techniques of oil production, which differ in the amount or kind of contaminant they put out with the oil--which just stands to reason. I think the same could apply to whatever's sold from the smushed leftovers of soybeans pressed for the oil. In particular, soy lecithin got complaints from some people but not others who say they are soy allergic/intolerant at one online forum page I visited.

ali said...

hi we have cut out all soya including lecthin we now have a different child

Anonymous said...

AS difficult as this process can be, it does get better. We have a 7 month old Who is doing wonderful! It was months before we really got things figured out between MSPI & Acid reflux, then when we continued to have problems I had to experiment with eliminating Soy Lecithin which took a while because I kept making mistakes, so many of the approved foods from the MSPI guidebook contain it (including all margerines)! Our next issue has been finding a formula she can tollerate to supplement when my production is down. Tons of spit-up with neocate, elecare, alumentum. I'm hoping this just gets better as she gets bigger. Starting real food has been great, she is happy & gaining plenty of weight!