Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's all French to me

Now that grad school and paternity leave are done, I'm back at work - and somehow I still can't find time to post.  

Quoi de neuf alors?

First, an update on Zen Girl's health:  Philosopher Mom remains on a  very restrictive diet, having eliminated dairy, beef, soy, nuts, fish eggs and legumes.   She tried introducing eggs a few weeks ago but there was blood in ZG's diaper almost immediately. Very frustrating.  ZG is such a good kid, and sleeps so so much that she was only feeding four times a day, and as a result started to lose weight.  She now eats about seven times a day, and is gaining nicely.

Autre chose:  I've decided to speak French exclusively to the kids.  We live in Quebec, and I want them to be as bilingual as possible.  The ZG is having no problems.  At 5 months old, she doesn't understant much anyway.  With Curious Boy though, it is a challenge.  The kid loves to talk with us, and all of a sudden, he doesn't understand a word I say.  Frustrating for both of us.  He's already starting to pick up some words.  I have a feeling that this will get easier very quickly.
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Spencer at pinkbluecafe.com said...

Good luck!

Changing rhythms with adults and languages is difficult. Once you speak a language in a relationship it is challenging, but hopefully not impossible to change/adjust. Maybe it is easier with children?

With the birth of our son, my wife and I are trying to speak german only at the house, but after years of mostly english it's a challenge. But our son should hopefully pick up both as he hears both on a daily basis since day 1.

Alors bonne chance, ca prends du temps mais si tu le continues, ton fils arrivera a te comprendre et sans trop du stress entre vous.

creative-type dad said...

The language thing is tough. We have our sitter speak Spanish to our daughter everyday.

She understands, but can't speak it yet.

Jaime said...

you may find it useful to look up "allergic colitis". My son is now 2 months, and reacting to my milk the same way my daughter did. such is life...hoping it only lasts 1 year again, though diet restrictions suck.