Friday, December 14, 2007

The Continuing Story of Zen Girl's Food Intolerance.

The squeaky parents get the grease. In spite of Dr. L.'s threat that getting a second GI opinion for Zen Girl would take six months, we had our care transferred to a new GI this week (same hospital). It seems that our letter to the Ombudsman helped move things along.
Our new doctor, Dr. M. (GI), was kind, thorough, respectful and explained a great deal. We decided together that in order to help ZG develop her oral motor skills etc, we would start trying foods again. In stead of any cereals, we skipped right to carrots.

Today was day 4 of carrots. We saw a speck of blood yesterday - literally a pinprick, that we had to look very hard to find - but we decided to persist. If the blood is due to food sensitivity, it should persist or increase, and if it does we will stop the food and she will have to have an endoscopy. However, today there was no blood in her stool. If she continues blood-free over the weekend, we will try apples on Monday.
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