Sunday, January 06, 2008

2007 in Review

As 2007 rapidly draws to a close (WHOOSH!). Oh. Right. Missed that one. I have been deliciously unplugged since my last post, which means that I have managed to miss all of the stupid top ten lists and falling disco balls. It also means that I haven't been able to keep letting you know how we've been doing.

Actually quite well, thanks.

Zen Girl can now safely eat carrots, applesauce, squash and pear. Her iron levels have stabilized and she's sitting rather nicely.

Monday is a pivotal day. We are going to introduce lamb into her diet. She needs a source of protein, fat other than breast milk, but the iron in it is critical.

If she can tolerate lamb, than we are essentially out of the woods for the time being. As Zen Girl's palate broadens, so hopefully will Philosopher Mom's (who is carrying on as valiantly as ever).

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grace said...

hi again,

i had just commented on a previous post regarding soy lecithin.... this is before i read the rest of your posts regarding MSPI. wow. thanks for all of your information and for sharing your journey. the letter to the ombusman was particularly frustrating.

my son is 3 months and have had occasional blood in his diapers. my appointment with the specialist is not until april and i called to see if i could at least speak with her. basically, she said that if the blood is occasional and he's growing ok, then we can just ignore the problem. i've actually cut dairy, soy, and eggs and i have still seen traces of blood occasionally. when i told this to the specialist, she said don't worry about eliminating it because ultimately, its not that harmful. if i want to see the blood stopped, i can switch to the formulas that you had mentioned.

since it seems that you and your family had such extensive experience, i just wanted to ask for your thoughts on that before i go in for the appointment to see whether i need to pursue it further, etc. how often did the blood occur and did it affect her behavior and weight significantly?

my baby had weight issues in the beginning and that was largely due to a poor latch. right now i'm giving him breastmilk through a bottle and he's been gaining fine.

any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. again, i commend you and your wife for all that you've done.