Monday, April 07, 2008

Whew.... where did I go? Sunshine Kids Radian Edition

Somehow, it's been weeks since I posted anything other than a product recall or food warning. One thing I've been meaning to talk about is our recent acquisition of two Radian car seats by Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products. As part of our ongoing effort to be the greenest family on the block, we resisted the temptation to get a bigger car when Zen Girl came along, opting to squeeze everything into our 2006 Honda Civic. The Radian, with it's steel frame and narrow profile allows us to put them next to one another and still have room for an adult (me) next to them. We could even fit three of the seats in the back of the car. The LATCH connectors are very easy to use, avoiding bloodied and bruised fingertips that used to come from taking the seats in and out.

The car seats also fold for easy transportation. I'm a huge fan of these seats.
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shana said...

Hi, this is one of the best seats out there because, depending on the model, you can keep your child in it for either 65 or 80 pounds (strapped in). Most car seats only allow you to keep your child strapped to 40 pounds and then they go to the booster. The only downside is that they are heavy but you're probably not going to be lugging them in and out of the car too much.