Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Halloween - Don't worry so much about letting kids go crazy on the candy

This year, Curious Boy will be almost 3 at Hallowwen.  This means that he understands about going out trick-or-treating and he understands about candy. The common advice to parents is to mete out candy over an extended period of time, but some pediatric dentists have different advice for parents.

“The frequency of eating candy, and other refined carbohydrates, and
their stickiness, are big factors in creating the risk of caries
(cavities),” he said.

Eating carbohydrates can change the pH balance of the mouth, making
it more acidic, which can increase the risk of cavities. Each time
candy is eaten, the acid environment in the mouth can take up to an
hour to dissipate.

“Parents can let kids eat a bunch [of candy] now and a bunch later. But
don’t let them have one piece now, then an hour later let them have
another piece,” he said, adding that candy can also be dispensed as a
dessert or snack.

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