Thursday, March 15, 2007

Did you forget? I said CONTEST people!

So far there has been little (no) response to my offer of a free copy of Elijah Cooper's book Crawling. Either non of you know how to read, or I'm asking too much. So we'll try again.

Post a comment anywhere on this blog about hipster parent things you do or do not do (some examples: my kid has a playlist on my iPod/YouTube, I read/write parent blogs and so on).

Do this by noon (EST) Monday March 19th. A winner will be chosen at random from the entrants.


Anonymous said...

Read? You have time to read a book? Sigh...the only books I read these days are written by Dr. Seuss and Julia Donaldson :).

KC said...

My firstborn got to do Gymboree for a few years. She does gymnastics (but not cheer!). I read parent blogs, spent over $200 for a stroller, and pack my girl's lunch for kindergarten every day ;)

KC said...

Did I win?