Sunday, March 04, 2007

No Child Left Inside

As a kid, I vividly remember riding my BMX through parts of my suburb that were in the process of being developed. I had the good fortune of living near a large green space with woods, water and trials so that when the new houses came, we still had somewhere to play. I love being outside, and as spring (slowly) approaches I can't wait to get outside with the kid.

Richard Louv has a powerful essay on the importance of playing outside, and how a lot of modern suburban development has made that harder and harder. Couple that with parental anxiety and you can start to imagine legions of pasty-faced kids staring longingly out a window.....

I love being outside. Walking, biking, camping. I think that the amount of time I spent outdoors as a child has directly contributed to this and to my strong sense of environmental responsibility.

Leave No Child Inside
(via Treehugger)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to live on my bicycle. I would ride for hours on end. Or I would play in the backyard or around the house. I can't imagine my daughter not getting to be outdoors as much as possible -- even though the news has us scared that there is a predator on every street corner in America.

I'll worry, of course, but I've got to let her have all those same advantages of childhood that I had.