Thursday, February 22, 2007

Empathy in infants and toddlers...

It's the most amazing thing to watch. Things have been crazy in our house, balancing work and school, the Philosopher Mom on "reduced activity" during her pregnancy, and sometimes people just crack. Last night was one of those times. The PM broke into tears at the dinner table, as we were discussing how we were going to manage everything. The Curious Boy, who had been end-of-dinner fussing, let out a great wail and then sat silently watching his mom. I let him down from his high chair and he rushed over to her. As soon as he was in her arms he started kissing her and stroking her hair and face. He wouldn't leave her until she calmed down.

I've seen the CB show concern for others before. He always strokes and kisses kids who are crying, and he loves to hug his friends and family when he sees them.

I know kids are sensitive to stress in those around them, but it is an amazing thing to see it so clearly.

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LA Daddy said...

They know what's important, I think, without knowing why. They do what makes them feel good and they learn to do it for others. They don't have to, but they know that it works...

Very cool.

JayMonster said...

At that age, they know what they learn. Obviously in your home, when a child is distressed, the receive love. So, when they see somebody distressed, they react in kind.

This is NOT a negative (follow me through here), it is unfortunate, but the same can also be true, in a home where the child does not receive the same love and nurturing you (and your wife) obviously bestow on your child, the child will more often NOT be as "caring" to the needs of others.

All I am trying to say is that it is just as much a testament to you and your wife, as it is to the child. At least that is my philosophy ;)