Sunday, February 11, 2007

The (Second) Great Stroller Debate

With kid #2 on the way, and the boy being only 14 months old, we really need to figure out which double stroller is best for us.

There are the side-by-side and linear/stadium options and the crazy phil underside e3.

Right now the two main competitors are the yet-to-be-released Graco Quattro Duo and the Peg Perego Duette SW (with a freakin' steering wheel).

Any suggestions? Pros/Cons?


Matthew said...

We've got the front/back Graco (our is called a duoglider) and we have a side by side jogger stroller. I much prefer the front/back when out because you can maneuver through just about anything. With the side by side model, you'll have trouble getting through doors and if you're at the mall or something like that, many stores aren't configured to allow something that big get through.

I say go for the front/back.

KC said...

If you compare a doublewide with a wheelchair, you may see the problem. Wheelchairs are, I think, narrower, and they already have problems getting around.

dadventure said...

I agree with Matthew...front to back is the way to go as opposed to side to side.