Friday, April 20, 2007

If you grow it, they will eat

I've been wanting to start a vegetable garden for some time now, and have put it off only because of time.  The environmental and economic arguments for growing your own food are very strong, but now it seems that there is a reason even closer to home.

A recent study has shown that kids (in rural areas at least) eat more produce if it is homegrown.

It was a simple, clear finding," said Debra Haire-Joshu, Ph.D., director of Saint Louis University's Obesity Prevention Center and a study author. "Whether a food is homegrown makes a difference. Garden produce creates what we call a 'positive food environment.'"

When children are involved with growing and cooking food, it improves their diet," Haire-Joshu said. "Students at schools with gardens learn about math and science and they also eat more fruits and vegetables. Kids eat healthier and they know more about eating healthy. It's a winning and low-cost strategy to improve the nutrition of our children at a time when the pediatric obesity is an epidemic problem.

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Even if you live in an urban area, you can find coop gardens, although the waiting list might be long.  If you've got a lawn (even a little one) here are some sites that will help you get started.

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Urban Vegetable Gardening

Children and Urban AgricultureHow to grow Vegetables, Vegetable Gardening

Fruit and Vegetable Gardening - UBC Botanical Garden Forums

Go ahead, get dirty!

Children Eat More Fruits And Vegetables If They Are Homegrown

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mubeenah said...

we are part of a collective garden this year. Excited about actually being out in the garden. So far been to the greenhouse a few times. It's prety cool, all the seeds are organic, we will be growing all sorts of stuff, strawberries, kiwis. 28 varietys of tomatoes, etc. There are 3 collective gardens in the city I think, in NDG, PSC and somewhere out east. Anyone can be part of it, you just have to put in at least 3 hrs a week, it can also be a spouse, or other family member if you specifically don't have time. Better than the coop garden since they give you all the tools and stuff.