Thursday, April 19, 2007

Week in Review

It's been slow here, in know. In real life, the submission deadline for my thesis is rapidly approaching, and exams are coming too.

In lieu of a real post or six, here are some headlines that caught my eye this week:

"What Is Climate Change, Daddy?" via :: TreeHugger

Kids Allergies On The Rise Around the Globe also via:: TreeHugger

Cup Feeding Not Recommended As A Method Of Supplementation In Breast-feeding Infants
via:: ScienceDaily

This one deserves a little more reading, and probably one (or more) posts of its own.  Cup feeding is often suggested as an alternative to bottles for newborns in order to avoid nipple confusion.  The study found that cup feeding is not necessarily a bad  idea in and of itself, but because it can often be slow and frustrating for parents and infants, there is a very high rate of non-compliance.  This means that by 3-6 months, kids who are cup fed are not more likely to be exclusively breastfeeding when compared to those who were given a bottle. 

I'll look in to this more later.

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