Tuesday, April 10, 2007

UK Schools fingerprinting kids.

Traditionally, fingerprinting kids has been something that most parents do with an eye to keeping them safe. In the UK though, there is a a twist on this, with schools using biometric information (ie fingerprints) to let kids use the library or even the cafeteria.

While the idea itself is not so bizarre, some of the methods involved are. In many cases the prints were taken without parental consent, and even using underhanded methods such as incorporating the collection in games, so that not even the kids know that their info is being collected.

Up to 5.9million children face having their fingerprints taken by schools in another move towards a 'Big Brother' society.

Pupils will have to hand over their biometric details simply to borrow library books or gain access to school dinners.

A million children's fingerprints are believed to have been taken
already, some without parental approval and even by 'con tricks' such
as pretend spy games.

Freedom of Information data obtained by the Tories reveals a
further 4.9 million sets of prints could now be added to school
computers after the vast majority of local education authorities
sanctioned the practice.

::The Daily Mail via ::Digg

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